With a heavy heart filled with unanswered questions

She drove out into the cold night searching for answers

But when she looked up at the sky for a moment

And saw the twinkling stars winking down at her

She sighed a deep sigh and agreed

That not all the world could be bad and bitter


The stray puppy whimpered with fear

As the storm raged on with thunder, lightning and a fierce whirlwind

But when it felt the hands of a homeless beggar

Pick it up into the warmth of his cloak

It felt reassured

That truly, not all the world was bad and bitter


Indeed, everyone has a story to tell

Of how bad the world has treated them

But undeniable testimonies do abound in their great numbers

Of a God out there who truly cares

And has His hands all stretched out

Reaching out to us with love every day

In ways too numerous to count

Which proves without a doubt

That truly, not all the world is bad and bitter


So be rest assured

That there’s a God out there and up there

Who truly, truly cares about you